The ‘MAHAR’* course for preclinical students

The Galilee, with its varied populations presents opportunities to study health inequalities across cultural divides. One way we are doing this is by requiring our pre-clinical students to have work placements in community NGOs which extend over a period of 8 months. The experience provides them with close contact with vulnerable individuals living in disadvantaged communities. The aim is to ensure that our future doctors gain a greater understanding of underserved populations and their needs, while providing a much appreciated service to NGOs in the area. The placements are varied and include homes for the elderly, a hostel for the learning disabled, an Ethiopian immigrant center and afterschool programs for children at risk.

With 140 students per year on placement the organizational demands are considerable. A community coordinator is needed to ensure the course’s ongoing quality and sustainability. This will ensure that the crucial relationships we have built with our community colleagues are sustained, and that our students continue to make a significant contribution to the community

Funding opportunity:

A coordinator and administrative base to liaise with community organizations and martial our students.

* MAHAR (mehuyavut hevratit b’refuah) means Social Accountability in Medicine