ISF Workshop: “Post-Genome analysis for musculoskeletal biology”






Calcein staining of young zebrafish.

Calcein is a fluorescent chromophore which binds specifically to calcified skeletal structures and allows the screening of skeletal mutants.

MicroCT scan of an adult zebrafish (Bruker, 1172).

We use microCT analysis to determine Bone Mineral Density in zebrafish.


Alizerin red staining of a 22 days old zebrafish.

Alizerin red stains calcified tissues and is used to compare bone development in wild type and mutant fish in our lab.

Bright field image of Zebrafish muscle cross-section

Oil Red O staining (ORO) of Zebrafish muscle cross-section

ORO staining is used for the visualization of lipids in the muscle



Group retreat to Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar

Graduation – Master degrees (June 2021) – Nili and Lital


Zantiks Box

We recently acquired the Zantiks LT for performing behavioral studies in Zebrafish. Lital and Inbar are standing next to the newly assembled device. 



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