Selected Papers

  • Khrystoforova, I., Shochat-Carvalho, C., Harari, R., Henke, K., Woronowicz, K. C., Harris, M., & Karasik, D. Zebrafish mutants reveal unexpected role of Lrp5 in osteoclast regulation. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 2168.
  • ‏Mesika A, Nadav G, Shochat C, Kalfon L, Jackson K, Khalaileh A, Karasik D, Falik Zaccai T. ngly1 deficiency Zebrafish model manifests abnormalities of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2022 (10: 902969).
  • Banerjee B, Khristoforova I, Polis B, Ben Zvi I, Karasik D. Acute Hypoxia Elevates Arginase 2 and Induces Polyamine Stress Response in Zebrafish via Evolutionarily-conserved Mechanism. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 2022: 79, 1-17.
  • Bek JW, Shochat C, De Clercq A, De Saffel H, Boel A, Metz J, Rodenburg F, Karasik D, Willaert A, Coucke P.J. Lrp5 mutant and crispant zebrafish faithfully model human osteoporosis, establishing the zebrafish as a platform for CRISPR-based functional screening of osteoporosis candidate genes. JBMR 2021: 36, 1749-1764.
  • Mukherjee S, Banerjee B, Karasik D, Frenkel-Morgenstern M. mRNA-lncRNA co-expression network analysis reveals the role of lncRNAs in immune dysfunction during severe SARS-CoV-2 infection. Viruses 2021 13 (3), 402.
  • Shochat C, Wang  Z, Mo C, Nelson S, Donaka R, Huang J, Karasik D*, Brotto M*. Deletion of srebf1, a functional bone-muscle pleiotropic gene, alters bone density and lipid signaling in zebrafish” Endocrinology 2021. 162: bqaa189.
  • Khajuria DKKarasik D. Novel model of restricted mobility induced osteopenia in zebrafish. J Fish Biol. 2021 98 (4), 1031-1038.
  • Kumar VB, Khajuria DK, Karasik D, Gedanken A. Silver and gold doped hydroxyapatite nanocomposites for enhanced bone regeneration.  Biomed Mater. 2019, 14:055002. DOI: 10.1088/1748-605X/ab28e4.


Reviews and Chapters:

  • Khrystoforova, I., Liu, C. T., & Karasik, D. (2022). Genetics of osteosarcopenia. In Osteosarcopenia (pp. 217-238). Elsevier.
  • Rauner, M, Foessl, I , Formosa, MM. , Kague, E , Prijatelj, V … Balcells, S, Marc, J, Reppe, S, Søe, Kent ‡, Karasik, D. Perspective of the GEMSTONE Consortium on Current and Future Approaches to Functional Validation for Skeletal Genetic Disease Using Cellular, Molecular and Animal-Modeling Techniques. Front. Endocrinol. 2021: 12.
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  • Daya A, Donaka R, Karasik D. Zebrafish models of sarcopenia. Dis Model Mech. 2020;13(3): doi:10.1242/dmm.042689



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