Research – Computational study of human mood and mental health

Our Research

We develop engineering and interdisciplinary methodologies for studying neural, physiological and social mechanisms of mood and behavior, its stability vs instability, in health and in psychopathology. 
Our main focus is on closed-loop adaptive experiments, that can artificially push individuals between different mood states or maintain them at a certain state, and therefore expose the mechanisms and limits of mood.  

Specifically, our research questions are: 

  • Can we develop individualized behavioral experiments to study different individuals?
  • Can we develop behavioral experiments that are realistic and adaptive like real environments and interactions?
  • Can we integrate between physiological, neural and behavioral signals?
  • What are the objective parameters of mood that we can use to decode mood and target to bring to clinical advancements?
  • Can mood be artificially controlled, stabilized or manipulated, to eventually improve over time?