A. Population Health – Selected Department publications:

Original Articles: 

  • Ben-David N. (2014). On Parenting and a Health Lifestyle: A Discussion with Professor Mary Rudolf. Et Hasadeh- Ashalim Journal of Children, Youth and Young Adults at Risk and Thier Families 10, pp.58-66 (in Hebrew). 
  • Essa-Hadad J, Murdoch-Eaton D. Rudolf MCJ. What impact does community service learning have on medical students’ appreciation of population health? Public Health (2015)  129(11):1444-51
  • Leigh Hunt N, Stroud L, Murdoch Eaton D, Rudolf MJC. A qualitative study of enablers and barriers influencing the incorporation of social accountability values into organisational culture: a perspective from two medical schools. International Journal of Health Policy Research 2015. 4:48-56.
  • Willis TA, Roberts K, Bryant MJ, Berry T, Rudolf MCJ.  The impact of HENRY on parenting and family lifestyle: a national service evaluation of a preschool obesity prevention programme. Public Health 2016. 136:101-108
  • Malatskey L, Essa-Hadad J, Willis TA, Rudolf MCJ. Leading healthy lives: lifestyle medicine for medical students. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 2017. (in press)
  • Ratcliffe G, Spitzer-Shohat S, Stroud L, Essa-Hadad J, Rudolf MCJ. Are non-clinical community placements an effective way to generate medical student understanding of the social determinants of ill health? Public Health (in press)
  • Agay-Shay K, Rudolf M, Rubin L, Haklai Z, Grotto I. Trends in Fetal Growth Between 2000 to 2014 in Singleton Live Births from Israel. Science Reports 2018 (in press)
  • Peles C, Rudolf MCJ, Weingarten M, Bentwich M. What can be learned from health-related tensions and disparities  in ultra-orthodox Jewish families?” Journal of Religion and Health (in press).

Review Papers:

  • Rudolf MCJ, Reis S, Gibbs TJ, Murdoch-Eaton D, Stone DH, Grady M, Berlin A, Blair M, Essa-Hadad J, Spitzer-Shohat S, Weingarten M. (2014). How can medical schools contribute to bringing about health equity? Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 3(17): 1-6. [PDF] [Second most highly accessed article in the IJHPR and in the top 5% of all articles ever tracked by Altmetric]
  • Gilbey P, Rudolf MCJ, Spitzer-Shohat S, Luder A. The Dedicated Enough Doctor: The Limits of Medical Altruism in the 21st Century. IMAJ 2016. 18
  • Rubin L, Belmaker I, Somekh E, Urkin J, Rudolf M,HonovichM, Bilenko N, Grossman Z. Building lives: Maternal and Child Health in Israel. May 2017 Lancet. Health in Israel p18-34.


  • Rubin L, Belmaker I, Somekh E, Rudolf M, Grossman Z. Maternal and child health in Israel. Lancet Feb 2018
  • Rivo M, Rudolf MCJ, Spitzer-Shohat S,Weingarten M, Schuster B, Schwartz R, Nash D, Silberberg N.  Bar Ilan Medical School’s ETGAR Program. Lancet Feb 2018


  • Shohat S, Essah-Hadad J, Rudolf MCJ. The power of experiential learning in a hard to teach subject. Active Education for Future doctors.(In preparation Springer press)


B. Conference Presentations: 

  • Spitzer-Shohat S, Essa J, Weingarten M, Krom M, and Rudolf MCJ. Project “Raphael”: A Novel Approach to Social Accountability. Medical Schools’ Responsibility to Society Conference. Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine November 2013.
  • Abutbul S, Golan M, Rudolf MCJ. “In Favor of Resilience Self” – Prevention Program to Enhance Resilience and Positive Self and Body Image Among Adolescents Aged 15-17. Translational Research Day Bar Ilan Faculty of Medicine, March 2014.
  • Essa-Hadad J and Rudolf MCJ. Participatory Community Oriented Learning: A Way to Introduce Medical Students to Social Accountability? Previs Medical Education Conference, Be’er Sheva June 2014.
  • Dickman, N. and Rudolf MCJ. Using Team-Based Learning to Train Doctors of the Future to be Committed to Reducing Gaps in Health. Previs Medical Education Conference, Be’er Sheva June 2014.
  • Dickman, N. and Rudolf MCJ. Understanding the issue of inequality in health and developing social commitment to reduction of gaps in health, using Team-Based Learning: The case of public health course at the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee in Israel. COMET- Conference on Communication, Medicine and Ethics, Switzerland, June 2014.
  • Rudolf MCJ. Children’s obesity and approaches to treatment. The Annual Macabbi Health Services conference for pediatrics. Kibutz Hagoshrim, June 2014.
  • Spitzer-Shohat S,  Reis S, Gilbey P, Weingarten M, and Rudolf MCJ. Are we producing socially accountable graduates? Developing a new evaluation framework. Healer Conference. Tel-Aviv Faculty of Medicine September 2014.
  • Shimoni I, Spitzer-Shohat S,  Reis S, Gilbey P, and Rudolf MCJ. Is social accountability at the forefront of our medical curriculum? Healer Conference. Tel-Aviv Faculty of Medicine September 2014.
  • Essa-Hadad J, Murdoch-Eaton D, Rudolf MCJ.  What impact does community service learning have on medical students’ appreciation of population health?  Healer Conference. Tel-Aviv Faculty of Medicine, September 2014.
  • Agay Shay K. and Grotto I. Air pollution and morbidity in Haifa bay area- Protecting Public Health.  43th Annual conference, The Israel Society of Ecology & Environmental Sciences”.  Jerusalem, Israel, 2015. 
  • Agay Shay K., Levy N., Rudolf M., Rubin L, Haklai Z., Grotto I. Spatial cluster analysis of fetal growth in singleton live births from Israel, 2000-2014.  45th Annual Conference, Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences.  Tel Aviv, 2017.
  • Agay Shay K.  Michael Y., Basagaña X., Martínez-Solanas È., Broday D., Lensky I.M., Rudolf M., Rubin L., Kent R., Levy N., HaklaiZ., Grotto I. Greenness and adverse pregnancy outcomes in Tel-Aviv during 2000-2014.  Annual Conference of the Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians.  Ramat Gan, 2018.
  • Agay Shay K.  The challenge of multiple pollutant exposures.  46th Annual Conference, Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, July 2018.


C. Poster Presentations:

  • Zelcer S, Rudolf M.The potential of social networking tools to promote health and support health behaviour change among youth populations in the Galil. Israel Convention on Public Health, Tel Aviv, May 2012.
  • Essa-Hadad J, Dickman N and Rudolf MCJ. Participatory Based Community Oriented Learning as a Strategy for Teaching Public Health to Medical Students. Translational Research Conference, Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine 2013.
  • Spitzer-Shohat S, Essa J, Weingarten M, Krom MD, Rudolf MCJ. Israel’s Newest Medical School’s Strategy for Social Accountability: Project “Raphael”. The 5th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy June, 2013.
  • Malatskey L, Essa J, Rudolf MCJ. Leading healthy lives – lifestyle medicine teaching for medical students. Lifestyle Medicine 2014 Conference. San-Diego, CA, October 2014.