Our Research

Bioethics  is a fascinating multidisciplinary field comprised of, informed by, and pertaining to varied academic disciplines: biomedicine, law, philosophy, public policy, as well as social sciences such as sociology/anthropology and psychology.  Dr. Bentwich is specifically interested in the intersection of ethics, biomedicine, health and policy, with an emphasis on (1) elderly and end-of-life care, (2) genetics and reproduction, along with (3) research pertaining to teaching of medical ethics and medical humanities.  The studies are based on either an empirical ethics approach or normative analytical philosophy, yielding as varied topics as the following list of sample  past studies demonstrate

  • Autonomy and Human Dignity in Caring for Patients with Dementia: Perceptions of Multicultural Caretakers
  • Unveiling the normalization coping strategy among formal caretakers of patients with dementia and its implications for person-centered care
  • How is figurative language related to formal caregivers’ person-centered approach toward their patients with dementia?
  • What can European Principlism Teach about Public Funding of IVF?
  • Challenges to effective and autonomous genetic counseling for ethno-cultural minorities
  • Reprogenetics, Reproductive Risks and Cultural Awareness: What can we learn from Israeli and Croatian Medical Students?
  • On the Inseparability of Gender Eugenics, Ethics and Public policy: An Israeli Perspective
  • The enemy as a patient: What can be learned from the emotional experience of physicians and why does it matter ethically?
  • Art and the Enhancements of Tolerance for Ambiguity and Empathy
  • Process factors facilitating and inhibiting medical ethics teaching in small groups

If you’re interested in one of these three broad research domains and you’re thinking  about enrollment as a PhD or MSc student, please feel free to contact me via email: